Our Services

At Audia woodworking, home renovation is our specialty.

For over 28 years we have been building and renovating homes in the New England area. The projects that we have been involved in range from minor home repair to the most extensive whole-house renovation one can imagine.

Dream spaces we create include new cabinetry design, construction and installation for Kitchens, Master baths, Dressing suites and Libraries.

We offer full project design and project management and prefer to work from designs we and the client have developed together; we are also happy to work with your Designer/Architect.

Almost three decades in New England have also given us a great amount of experience working with and designing around older structures where matters of construction integrity and attention to period style are important.

Audia Woodworking is also widely connected to many area tradesman/craftsman whom we trust and can be called upon to bring any specialty we need to a project. We have a "virtual staff" of dozens of people.