Audia Woodworking, like most companies that survive, has evolved over many years. In 1976 my family moved from a small town in Western NY into a large subdivision in CT with many homes under construction. A dream playground for an 11 year old eager to learn. I witnessed all phases of home construction from the excavation of a new site to the finish trim of a final house.

I knew at 11 that I was hooked on this trade. I was fortunate to have the General Contractor take me "under his wing" and show me everything he knew; often telling me what not to do; he would say, "and when you are in business for yourself someday, do it the right way as I've explained it; not the way I am doing here." I hardly realized at the time but I was receiving very sage advice.

 After several years of working for many different construction companies, In 1987, my father, who was also experienced in construction, left his desk-job and together we started A&A Carpentry. We took on any job that came our way, favoring the ones that looked particularly difficult; and soon realized that we had entered the niche market, that we enjoyed very much, of high-end home renovation.

After several years, the name changed to Audia Builders- a reflection on the more comprehensive nature of the projects we were doing. After my father's retirement, I continued the renovation and cabinetry business now known as Audia Woodworking.